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So, I was just thinking about being a foster kid: The stigmas, worries, and all the anxiety that comes with the title. And I had to ask myself: What would...

Entering foster care

I remember abruptly waking up to the sound of glass shattering and my baby sister screaming. I tried to look around in the darkness to figure out what was going...

Entering foster care

Me and Celeste just got done with waterpolo and we're talking about success and fear -- this conversation made alot of sense and so i thought " hey why not...

Entering foster care

The Memories of My Rape Won't Leave Me. By Anonymous It wasn't my fault. That's what people say. Still, it haunts me every day. I wonder all the time, what...

Entering foster care

The Day My Best Friend Found Out

By Ebony

It was fifth period. I couldn't wait to leave Mrs. Foller's fourth grade English class. The bell had just rung for...

Entering foster care

Me and My Mentor

By Tara B.

Hey guys and girls! This is the high yellow, big mouth, funny writer who always comes correct with the facts. Coming at ya...

Entering foster care

How Party Boy Cleaned Up His Act A Former Foster Kid Describes Life After the System. By Linda R. When you meet John Michaels today, he seems like he's going...

Entering foster care

Could I Be Another Mother's Daughter?

Agencies across the country want to get more teens adopted. When it was my choice, I wasn't sure. By Natalie K.

"Wow, can they...

Entering foster care
Family relationships
Independent living

Don't Label Us By Giselle J.

For as long as I've been in foster care (which is about four years), I've been faced with comments like, "You're in foster care...

Entering foster care

Saved by the System By Tara T. A lot of people do nothing but complain about the foster care system. Even though I sometimes complain too, I also know that...

Entering foster care
Family relationships

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