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National Map of Youth and Alumni Leadership Groups

Young people are putting their lived experience in foster care to work to help make the system better for others who will come through foster care, often by organizing with other young people and alumni from foster care. 

The national map below provides an overview of Youth Advisory Boards, Alumni Groups, Peer Navigator Teams, and other Leadership Groups across the country.  

What's a Youth Advisory Board?

These groups give youth currently or formerly in foster care a voice, help build professional skills, create personal and professional connections, and give an opportunity to provide input about how to improve services for peers. 

Youth advisory boards may convene briefly (to develop recommendations on a specific issue, for example) or serve as long-term partners, advising agency staff on every aspect of their work. Groups vary greatly in how the youth and adults work together and share power, from agency-sponsored groups that are highly structured and managed by adult mentors to independent advocacy groups that are entirely youth- or alumni-led.

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Resources for Youth Advisory Boards and Leadership Groups

Strategic Sharing Workbook 

by FosterClub & NRCYD

Also: Free downloadable SPARK Curriculum for facilitating a Strategic Sharing workshop: Download Now >